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The Royal Flying Corps

A key figure held in regard by his aviator colleagues at Middlezoy Aerodrome is retired Squadron Leadrer Dave Linney AFC. RAF.  Having flown Harrier jump jets for most of his RAF career, including as a display pilot, he went on to fly Hawker Hunter jet fighters in support of the Royal Navy on FRADU exercises.

Its no surprise then, that these days Dave throws his Great War Royal Flying Corps SE5a replica with the great precision of an experienced fighter pilot. He had flown this distinctive biplane as part of the Great War Display Team for a number of years, hangared at Pitney where it had a nostalgic wooden Royal Flying Corps wings signage out front.

Over the years that signage had gotten rather weathered in our British winters on the damp Somerset Levels. So one of the chaps at the airfield made the thoughtful gesture to commission me to remake the Royal Flying Corps signage. Not my usual fair, so I got my Father in law with a lifetime of building and carpentry skills, to shape some heavy marine plywood into a diamond shape, then I put on no less than 10 coats of various primers, undercoat, paint and gloss varnishes. Then after some gold brushwork lettering, we had a new sign.

Now gifted and outside the hangar of our esteemed retired RAF Squadron Leader and display pilot.

And you know what? This extreme wet winter weather has still managed to get under the paint, so its going to have to come back for a redo! I'll stick to canvas paintings and not sign-writing in future.


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