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Aerofest Again!

It was a pleasure to be involved in the preparation of Somerset Aerofest 2023 from the glamour of designing the posters and pamphlets, to the grubby job of being dawn dustmen with my fellow aviator Dave. Met up with a lot of great friends from last year's event and made a lot of new ones too.

This all took a lot of hard work behind the scenes by the team at Middlezoy - a lot of pre-planning meetings, some crazy late nights in the dark up scaffolds, a ton of paperwork to get permissions in place and some amazing help from the Royal Navy Wings Heritage Flight, to get their aircraft performing air displays on the two days.

I very much enjoyed doing my part with the graphic design for the event - the posters, flyers and maps for the event. Something of a mix of the aviation art and my day job in video graphics.

All this work and planning for months and months in advance, but still we couldn't keep the notorious British Summer weather in check, so we had a gloriously sunny Saturday and a complete washout on the Sunday. That said, the Navy Heritage flight still gallantly got their displays into the air. There were smiling faces rain on both days, despite the dramatic weather change, and I think everyone can be proud of a job well done getting another great friendly family event out in 2023.


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