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Sci-fi Aviator Art?

When I experiment with painting styles, new varnishes or canvas brands I prefer to not do that on a paying commission for obvious reasons! My kids and I have always been avid Star Wars fans, so for a bit of fun over the 2022 Christmas holiday break and to try a looser brush style painting and test the quality of a Hobbycraft stretched canvas, I decided to make this a painting of a Star Wars spaceship.

One of the scenes in Disney's The Book of Boba Fett showed the Mandalorian testing out the performance of his new starfighter when he is suddenly waved down by a pair of Republic X-wing fighters. One particular framing of the scene looked ripe for the canvas, and this was the scene that I sketched out. However I changed the colours around a bit to instead depict Luke Skywalker's X-wing with R2-D2 riding in the back, as seen during the climatic scene of the original movie Star Wars - A New Hope, when all the X-wings call in to Red leader and Luke delivers the line "Red 5 Standing By!"

It didn't take too long to paint and I had some fun experimenting with the paint strokes. Okay it's not strictly aviation art but here is a little bit of trivia that gives it a very flimsy link- George Lucas originally cut in dogfight scenes from war movies such as Tora Tora for the preliminary work in progress edit of Star Wars - A New Hope to give an idea of pace and style before the visual effects of the epic space battle were completed.

It was early 1977, and though George Lucas was still waiting on the music and special effects to come in, George invited Steven Spielberg, Brian De Palma, writer Gloria Katz and a small handful of others executives from Fox to a viewing of the unfinished movie.

It didn't go well without the famous John Williams' music score or the WW2 dogfights instead of X-wing and Tie fighter visual effects. De Palma said after the viewing "I don't mean to sound harsh, but ... what is this shit?"


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