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Back to Branscombe

We got lucky and had another incredibly dry and warm day this year for the Branscombe Devon STRUT LAA Fly-in. And just like last year, it was a resounding success thanks to the organisation of both the Devon Strut members and the managers and ground crew of Branscombe Airfield and Campsite.

A lovely variety of light aircraft made the journey to the South Devon coast to enjoy the sea air, the company of other aviators and a freshly baked pizza or my favorite - Tracy's fabulous chilli.

Whereas last year I flew into the event in the RANS ultralight I depicted in the poster above, this year the managers kindly let me have a stand promoting the Aviator Art Studio, so I loaded my 86' VW Scirocco to the brim with framed original paintings, a gazebo and a box full of leaflets to push under the noses of those poor pilots.

The reality was that as soon as the aircraft started arriving, I skipped off like an excited kid to watch them coming in and left the stall to fend for itself. Luckily, one of the lovely pilots was on hand between serving Chilli to endorse the artwork to potential commission customers. (I certainly owe her a painting!)

As the day progressed, we all helped out keeping the incoming pilots and their passengers fed and hydrated on a weekend that marked the start of an intense heatwave. I may not have been able to fly in this year, but came away with a few commissions which no doubt will become the subject of future blogs...


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