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A pleasant English Summer's Fly-in

With the restrictions of the Covid 19 pandemic finally lifting, it was wonderful to finally be able to get out to an aviation event to get some painting reference shots. Okay, the big national airshows are still a little rare this year but I was very lucky to get flown into the beautiful little airfield at Branscombe in Devon one July weekend for the Devon Strut Fly-in organised there.

Nestled along the cliff tops of the East Devon coastline, I hardly saw the little airstrip until pointed out by Kyle, my pilot who was flying us in an ideal machine for the combination of a blisteringly hot day and very small runway - an ultralight and airy RANS Coyote II.

It quickly became very busy with over 60 aircraft expected, and I was pointing a camera in every direction to capture reference pics for future painting compositions. The hospitality at Branscombe was great, with welcoming smiles (and great pizzas and chilli!) for all the visiting aircrew.

I gave a out a few business cards to some owners of some charming airframes that took my fancy, but to honest I was really there to enjoy the day like everyone else. And I left with a souvenir from the day - a very sunburnt calf I neglected to suncream.

Good times, and I'm lucky to know some very generous pilots like Kyle to ferry me on occasions like this - certainly a painting heading his way!


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