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Supermarine Scimitar - Lockdown Blues

And so the COVID 19 lockdown goes on and on - its getting boring and I am missing my regular excursions for a coffee or even a beer at Dunkeswell airfield. I'm also missing dragging my long-suffering wife around the nearby Fleet Air Arm Museum. So this next painting was made in the garden during lockdown and is a wistful look back at one of those museum visits...

The Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1 XD317 on display there is one of only three extant examples left in the world. It's on display in the far end of the impressive carrier deck hangar, but easily overlooked as it is a very dark exhibit, moodily lit for dramatic effect. Personally I am fascinated with this golden age of jets with their clean lines and to me the scimitar has a pleasing, seabird aesthetic.

This was a simple study reflecting on the museum visits, painting with acrylics on a small canvas.


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