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So Long Summer ...

September arrived and here in the UK summer clocked out promptly at the end of its shift. And when the sunshine departed, it seems our country's economy and Queen left with it. So whilst I write this with the pound at a record low against the dollar, plus energy prices and my mortgage rates sky-rocketing, I am already looking back at the heady days of summer with a wistful longing...

One of the most memorable events for The Aviator Art Studio was exhibiting at the Wings and Wheels event at Henstridge Aerodrome. Nice turn out from both the classic cars (and oh my there were some exquisite cars parked up on display alongside my own classic1986 Scirocco GTX) and the aircraft out on the airfield. Once again my apologies if you were on my painting stand trying to find me - I was away chatting to pilots and drivers and snapping the shots for this little video here.

Topped off the day with a lovely flight around Cheddar in a classic 1960's tail dragger Cessna with one of my friends. The long summer sunlight of the early evening illuminated Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels with rosy golden light. No idea if any new painting commissions or sales came of the day, but living life. Good times.


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