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Opening the Toy Box

Between the various stages of COVID lockdown in 2020, I managed to get out to the nearby Dunkeswell Aerodrome. It was teeming with activity as the sun was shining and lockdown restrictions were partially lifted enough for pilots to fly passengers and PPL students again.

On the far side of the airfield there are a cluster of hangars, and here I was lucky enough to meet with the owner of a particularly interesting aircraft collection that nestled inside one of these forementioned hangars. Whilst the owner took to the sky in his de Havilland Chipmunk with his flight engineer for a quick license recertification flight, he was happy for me and my colleagues to take some shots inside the hangar. We chatted afterwards on their return and got talking about my aviation art, and so this momento of this fortuitous meeting came about...

From the front: Piper L4 Cub, de Havilland Chipmunk, Boeing Stearman Kaydet, North American T-6 Harvard 4.


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