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Capturing a memory

The best part of this year's fly-in events, wasn't only taking in the visiting aircraft, it was also getting to know a lot of interesting folks that had either flew the aircraft in, or worked in the aviation industry. Interesting chats at my Aviator Art Studio gallery stall have resulted in some terrific contacts and new aeronautic friends. And sometimes, if I have half a business head on, it results in a commission too...

In what I imagine was a very proud Father-Son moment, the son of the painting commissioner had just returned from his first solo flight. He recalled his memory of that day was of his son wearily slumping on to a stool, having just cleaned down the Piper Cub that he had made this flying achievement in. The scene framed by the green airfield and a beautiful cirrus cloud sky.

I was very glad to get the opportunity to paint the Cub in the classic yellow livery, although yellow paint is often translucent, and takes a lot longer to build up the vibrancy of the pigments. I also have to be extra careful not to mark dark paint on the canvas beneath where the yellow paint will need to be, as the darker paint will often bleed through the yellow on the surface.

The other challenge here is the portrait of his son - painting somebody I have never met with only a snapshot for reference is always a bit scary! Thankfully not only his father, but many people he showed the finished painting to recognised him right away- phew.

I must say I really, really enjoyed painting this charming scene. It looks like it could have been contrived, but the reality is this a personal moment captured in paint and I look forward to working on more like this.


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